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I work as QA Test Lead for video games and I'm hoping it leads to more work in the future. In my off hours, I'm a huge RP and video game nerd.
"Most people never know anything beyond what they see with their own two eyes."

I just wanted to see what would happen if you gave Soseki a strawberry shake :<

*cries and reloads game bABY DONT BE MAD I LOVE YOU*

1 year ago, 18/06/13 | 28 notes
#harvest moon #a new beginning #soseki #how very dare you #just because i wear pink doesnt mean i enjoy milk and strawberries going down the hatch #how very #dare you
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    No, Soseki is actually really sweet. But if you give them a certain gift that they hate with a passion, they’ll freak...
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    omg no he’s not a jerk. Soseki is so sweet. Strawberry shake is just his horror gift. Go check out my tagged page of...
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    from all the things I see on tumble I just wonder…are all the guys in this game jerks? Or is it just how they react to...
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