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I work as QA Test Lead for video games and I'm hoping to leads to more work in the future. In my off hours, I'm a huge RP and video game nerd.
"Most people never know anything beyond what they see with their own two eyes."

Skyrim is such a pretty game. You’re making me want to get back into it…

yes yesss my plan is working~

but man, I play this game on low quality and it still looks good.

until I try to take shots like this

and then no ones wins :|

and why does it look like someone is jumping in front of her???

1 year ago, 14/12/12 | 1 note
#whyhellohun #yes #yesssss #play skyrim
  1. carverscamp said: ASBDALKMDA LOW QUALITY? If you hadn’t said that I would have kept assuming you were playing with all the setting on high. And all I can see is a sumo wrestler dancing in front of her AND I LOVE IT!
  2. seruphim posted this
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